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9 Survival Skills You Can Learn At Home (or in Your Backyard)

So, for the first time in a lifetime, a majority of people all around cover samsung s6 frasi the world are spending a custodia impermeabile samsung galaxy s3 LOT of samsung galaxy s7 edge hoesje time at home. Custodia Cover iphone 11 pro max Cartoon Monster L3056 Case For most of us, the general anxiety and uncertainty about the future combined with isolation are generating a lot of stress.

If you’re feeling the strain (and even if you’re cover samsung a40 corallo not), this is a perfect[Read more.]

How to Prep When All The Survival Gear Is Sold Out

What can you do to get prepared when all of the emergency supplies are sold out Or what if you can’t afford emergency supplies but need to get ready for an emergency

There are huawei mate 20 hoesje plenty of ways you can start preparing for the worst without cover samsung 10.1 tablet 2014 edition spending money, and custodia cover huawei y6 2018 many survival supplies can be gathered or created from[Read more.]

25 Wild Edibles That Might Be In Your Backyard

Survival in an emergency largely depends on preparedness and knowledge. cover iphone 11 skynet One way to make sure your family has enough iphone 7 plus vs 8 plus cover to eat in an emergency is by building a survival food pantry. cover custodia case iphone 11 A9495 disney wallpaper 18zU6 Another way custodia samsung s8+ is to learn how to forage for food.

Did you know that the wilderness even the wilds of your own backyard can provide an[Read more.]

11 Urban Survival Skills That Could cover samsung s7 a portafoglio Save Your Life

On iphone 7 8 hoesje this site, immagini cover samsung galaxy s2 plus we have a lot of articles about skills. cover custodia case iphone 11 P7340 emoji swag wallpaper 19gC3 But since most of you live in cities and will probably be in one during the next major disaster, the type of skills you’ll want to focus on[Read more.]

Evasive Driving Tactics for SHTF

Even without an SHTF scenario, our roads are teeming with drivers looking for potential targets. cover iphone 11 rayman legends From criminals to assailants, the reasons you may have for evading and avoiding someone while cover samsung j6 2018 antiurto in your vehicle are innumerable.

We use our vehicles for a vast percentage of our transportation needs, and the chances of us[Read more.]

22 Basic Skills You’ll Be Forced to Learn After the Collapse

The modern world has brought with it a wide range of conveniences that have made life much easier for those fortunate enough to live in a wealthy country. However, these conveniences also mean that a majority of people have forgotten skills that were once basic necessities for survival.

Now, in the event of a major[Read more.]

Bartering cover samsung galaxy s4 mini cellular line 101: What to do When Money Has No Meaning

A Catastrophic Natural or Manmade Disaster Can Quickly Turn Money Into a cover samsung a6 2018 Thing of the Past.

In a society where transactions are driven by credit cards and the occasional use of cash, barter seems like a quaint recollection cover samsung cupcake of cover samsung 3neo the past. cover custodia case iphone 11 N0529 botw wallpaper 8hN4 But cover samsung smt335 in many economies around the world, barter is still a very active method of[Read more.]

Civil War Preparedness Part 2: Finding Shelter

Note: This is part 2 of a three part series.

As the size and regularity of our cities expand across the globe, we must learn what it takes to survive in these environments. Custodia Cover iphone 11 pro max Magmel anime Z4608 Case War and disaster have not stopped just because our urban areas have grown in fact, a look at the last century will[Read more.]

10 Most Valuable Things In A Post Apocalyptic World

In a post apocalyptic world, value will not be defined by money but by things cover samsung s4 mini alluminio that are in short supply or simply don’t exist.

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