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Anchored Row Selection in NSTableView

In short, there are two models for multiple item selection, anchored and unanchored:

ANCHORED: The selection grows in one direction, and shrinks in the other. In the anchored selection model, if you select two or more items in a list using Shift Down, then pressing Shift Up will deselect items from the bottom of the selection range. (And vice cover samsung 350 versa: cover samsung s5 mini con foto if you start by selecting items cover samsung a3 2017 spigen blu with Shift Up, Shift Down will deselect from the top of the selection.)

UNANCHORED: The selection grows in both directions custodia cover huawei p smart and never shrinks. In iphone 6 6s plus hoesje the unanchored selection cover custodia cover samsung note 9 samsung j5 silicone 3d model Shift Down always extends the selection range downward and Shift Up always extends it upward.

My argument was that anchored is better, because it allows clear view cover samsung s10e you to correct for mistakes without switching to the mouse. if you press Shift Down four times but realize you selected one too many cover samsung galaxy a5 2014 items, in the anchored model you can simply press Shift Up to deselect the last item; in the unanchored model, pressing Shift cover samsung s9 galaxy note Up adds another item at the top of the selection range. The problem was that most Mac apps used the unanchored model, because it was the default for Cocoa NSTableView and Carbon Data Browser.

Key word there being Leopard, Cocoa NSTableView changed to the anchored model. You can see this in just about any Cocoa app huawei p10 lite hoesje that has a list that supports multiple selection: Mail message list, iChat Buddy window, Safari bookmarks, and Address Book are just a few examples. Regarding third party apps, I wrote:

There’s certainly a consistency argument to be in favor of using thepersonally agree with it. The idea being that by using the default

behavior, list selection will work the same in your software as it

does almost everywhere else. And if Apple does change the s10 plus cover samsung behavior

in some future version custodia cover samsung j3 of Mac OS X, your software will pick up the

new default behavior “for cover samsung s6 oro free”.

That exactly what happened all apps that use cover samsung s5 tumblr Cocoa NSTableView, not just Apple picked up the new anchored selection model for free on Leopard.

So if you noticed this cover samsung galaxy a20e amazon change in, say, Mail, it not Mail cover samsung j5 2016 duos that changed, but rather the underlying NSTableView list control used amazon cover samsung note 3 in many Cocoa apps. Which is why the behavior did not change in apps that use the Carbon Data Browser control (the equivalent in Carbon to NSTableView in Cocoa). The Finder and iTunes are Apple two most prominent Carbon apps, and both amazon cover samsung note 3 neo still use the unanchored selection model. You can also see this in third party Carbon apps like Interarchy.

Ideally, it cover samsung a7 2019 disney would be better both in terms of consistency and usability if Apple had changed this behavior in the Carbon Data Browser, too. The overwhelming majority of Mac users have no idea what Cocoa and Carbon are, so the different behavior in the Finder and iTunes is, to them, seemingly arbitrary. But if there one cover samsung galaxi core prime single thing I hoped to see Apple do regarding this issue in Leopard, it exactly what they did: change it in NSTableView…

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