Coque pour galaxy s9 Forget about easily installing Google apps on the Mate 30 Pro

Forget about easily installing coque samsung j72017 licorne Google apps on the Mate 30 Pro

The Mate 30 Pro is a gorgeous phone, but it’s also very coque iphone 7 jtm hard to recommend because it officially xbxcase vintage art fleur telephone etui pour iphone 11 pro max 7 8 coque ringke iphone 7 6 6s plus mat doux imd etui pour lacks access to Google apps and the Play Store. Unofficially, an easy to use solution to “re Google” the Huawei Mate 30 Pro has been available from day one. Not anymore though. cover custodia case iphone 11 X0921 simpson wallpaper 58wJ1 The likely reason is the media attention LZPlay received after Magisk developer John Wu detailed exactly coque iphone 4 foot how the tool works.

According to Wu, LZPlay uses an “undocumented API” found on the Mate 30 Pro that gives it deep access to the system. cover iphone 11 jormungand This special access is needed because many Google apps need to be installed as system apps, which usually requires the presence of so called app “stubs” on the device. cover custodia case iphone 11 R4522 avengers wallpaper 4pK8 Because Huawei is banned from working with Google, there are no Google app stubs on the coque kenzo samsung j3 2016 Mate 30 Pro.

LZPlay doesn’t require stubs instead, the app uses the previously mentioned API to make system changes. cover trasparente iphone 11 pro According to Wu, access to the API is controlled by Huawei:

According to the all in Chinese documentation, 3rd party developers/companies are required coque iphone 6 trou logo silucone to sign legal agreements and send them to Huawei in order to gain access to the SDK. For each project, the developer will have to yoedge coque samsung galaxy a20e submit a request, along with justification, a list of the permissions willing to be granted. In addition, the APK binary for each release has to be uploaded to Huawei for further examination, which can then finally be signed with Huawei’s coque iphone 6 plus louboutin special key.

In other words, Wu thinks that Huawei explicitly allowed LZPlay to work by granting it access to the special API for making system changes. We don’t know exactly what happened, as Huawei denies having any involvement with it and coque iphone 6 brasil we don’t know the owners and operators of coque iphone 6 aurore boreal the website. It’s likely that the LZPlay app itself still works.

Adding another wrinkle to the story, Android Central’s Alex Dobie said on Twitter that the Mate 30 Pro no longer passes SafetyNet, even if it passed the Google security test last week.

Soooo uhh this is new.

Since today’s developments, Mate 30 Pro now fails SafetyNet. Failed CTS check = no more Google Pay working. So I tested.

But considering this was working less than 2 days ago, this is not good.

For now, this iphone 7 coque 360 rouge whole saga affects coque iphone 7 celebrite only a tiny number of people anywhere in the world: coque iphone 6 nokia journalists who received the Mate 30 Pro for coque silicone iphone 4 s review and customers outside of China who have somehow managed to import a Chinese coque samsung a5 2015 london Mate 30 Pro. The coque samsung j3 2017disney phone is only on sale in China, where nobody uses Google apps anyway.

If you were hoping to import a Mate 30 Pro or to buy one once it launches in your local market, you should know that LZPlay is no longer a solution for getting Google apps on the device.

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Even if you could get hold of the app somehow, we can’t recommend using it. If John Wu is right about his findings, the samsung galaxy a8 coque integral app was somehow whitelisted by Huawei for it to work. Even if you trust Huawei and their verification system, it remains unclear what LZPlay actually does to your phone. Custodia Cover iphone 11 pro max Spongebob Skate Wallpaper L0648 Case Also, it’s not inconceivable that the API will be targeted by hackers looking to get access to Huawei devices. As Wu put it,

This undocumented API is not the yoedge coque samsung galaxy a10 ‘OMG Huawei is spying on us OMG’ kind of backdoor many media might wish to exist. It is protected behind rigorous verification on Huawei’s side and requires user interaction to allow the permission to be granted. Nevertheless, only Huawei knows the intent to create such API and coque iphone 7 plus ohana allow the existence of ‘LZPlay’, and it is up to anyone’s imagination.

Installing LZPlay was always a bit risky, but it’s becoming even riskier now. FERRARI Heritage Collection Pelle iPhone 11 PRO MAX CUSTODIA BACK CASE ROSSO It’s possible the APK file will be rehosted on other websites, but that raises new questions kawaii coque iphone 7 about the authenticity of the rehosted app.

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